1. Module introduction

Welcome to the bonus course for Enterprise Vue, which is on documentation.

If you want to make it easy for developers to maintain your enterprise app, it's essential that you provide quality documentation.

In the first module of this bonus course, which is module 10 overall, we'll be documenting our backend API.

This includes adding doc blocks directly to the source code, but then also using these doc blocks to generate a live, documentation site.


To document our backend API, we're going to use a tool called apiDoc. This tool will read the doc blocks in our source code and extract special parameters that we can add to indicate the features of the API, for example, the inputs and outputs of our endpoints, the headers required, the format returned and so on.

The site generated by apiDoc will beautifully organize the key information needed by our development team to use and maintain the PrintBay API.

Let's get started.