72. Module introduction

If you want to make it easy for developers to maintain your enterprise application, it's a good idea to provide quality documentation.

This can include comments and doc blocks added directly to the source code, but we can go one better and create a documentation site.


To document our backend API, we're going to use a tool called apiDoc. This tool will read the doc blocks in our source code and extract special parameters that we can add to indicate the features of the API.

The site generated by apiDoc will beautifully organize the key information needed by our development team to use and maintain the PrintBay API.

Component styleguide

For our frontend code, we'll also create a component styleguide using Vue Styleguidist. This styleguide will not only provide documentation for our components, but also provide live, interactive previews.

Component documentation

We'll be documenting our components by adding doc blocks to the source code like we did for the API, including documentation of our props, events, and methods.

Usage examples

We can also provide usage examples of our components by adding a special docs tag to our single-file components.

Vue Styleguidist will mount these usage examples in the docs to provide live, interactive component previews.

Let's get started!